Higher level expression of lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 (LFA-1) on in vivo natural killer cells



Normal mouse spleen cells express low levels of lymphocyte function-associated anti-gen-1 (LFA-1) as well as other lymphoid cells. However, fractionation of spleen cells with Percoll discontinuous gradients resulted in the appearance of lymphocytes expressing high levels of LFA-1 molecule (LFA-1 high lymphocytes) in parallel with the enrichment of natural killer (NK) activity. Lower density spleen cells (fractions 1 and 2) expressed higher level of LFA-1 antigen than unfractionated spleen cells and showed a higher NK activity. In contrast, higher density spleen cells (fractions 3 and 4) expressed lower levels of LFA-1 antigen and revealed lower NK activity. LFA-1 high lymphocytes possessed a high level of asialo GM1, which was the cell surface marker for NK cells. Moreover, sorting of LFA-1 high lymphocytes from spleen cells caused a great enrichment of NK cells. These results demonstrated that in vivo NK cells expressed higher levels of LFA-1 molecule, which was an important adhesion molecule for NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity.