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Figure S1. Electron microscopy of enriched endosome preparation.Figure S2. Gating scheme of endosome preparations for flow cytometrical analysis.

Figure S3. Influence of saponin and Triton X-100 on isolated OVA containing endosomes.Figure S4: Influence of centrifugation on endosome clustering.Figure S5. Influence of centrifugation on endosome clustering.

Figure S6. Intracellular localization of MR-internalized OVA.

Figure S7. Time course experiments of endosomal maturation MR-deficient BM-M were incubated with fluorochrome-labeled OVA for 10 min and chased with medium for the indicated time points.Figure S8. Expression of Rab5 and LAMP1 on endosomes containing MR endocytosed OVA.

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