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eji2278-sup-0001-s1.pdf1029KFigure S1. Expression of TgGITRL on subpopulations of spleen cells.Figure S2. Temporal progression of lymphocytic infiltrates in the duodenum of GITRL Tg mice.
eji2278-sup-0001-s1.pdf1029KFigure S3. Intracellular expressions of IFN-γand IL-21 in the gated CD3+CD4+spleen cells of WT and GITRL Tg mice.
eji2278-sup-0001-s1.pdf1029KFigure S4. Expression of Gitrand Tgfbon subpopulations of T cells.Figure S5. Decreased T-independent antibody responses in vivo.Figure S6. IDO pathway in DC and macrophages of GITRL Tg mice.
eji2278-sup-0001-s1.pdf1029KSupporting Information Table S1. Characterization of spleen cell subsets in GITRL Tg mice

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