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Figure 1. IgA deposition is decreased in T-cell deficient mice.

Figure 2. Representative H&E stainings of submaxillary glands isolated from 8-week old or 12-month-old WT and B6.Act1−/−mice show increased infiltration of mononuclear cells in both.

Figure 3. Percentages of plasma cells (CD138+IgDB220low) were identified in spleens, BM and cervical LNs (cLN) from 16–18–week-old WT, TCRβ/δ−/−, B6.Act1−/−, and TKO mice.

Figure 4. Relative levels of T1, T2, and T3 immature B-cell subsets in 16–18-week-old WT, TCRβ/δ−/−, B6.Act1−/−, and TKO mice.

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