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Figure S1. Level of anti-NeuGcGM3 antibodies in male and female healthy humans is similar.

Figure S2. Total amount of IgM and IgG in healthy donors’ sera does not change with age.

Figure S3. Presence of NeuGcGM3 on L1210 cells.

Figure S4. Healthy humans’ sera induced complement mediated cell death to NeuGcGM3 expressing tumor cells.

Figure S5. Induced complement independent cell death positively correlates with both the levels of anti-NeuGcGM3 antibodies and tumor cell binding.

Figure S6. Incubation of L1210 cells with cytotoxic healthy humans’ sera did not induce caspase 3 activation.

Figure S7. Anti-NeuGcGM3 Abs obtained from NSCLC patients demonstrate specific binding.

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