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Supporting Information Figure S1: IL-10 production by DX5+CD4+ Tcells DX5+CD4+TcellsandDX5-CD4+ T cells isolated from BALB/c mice that have received 3 injections withim mature DCs, were stimulated with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28. After 3 days IL-10 production was a ssessed by flow cytometry. Each bar represents one mouse. The experiment is performed more than 3 times. DX5+CD4+ T cells and DX5-CD4+ T cells are from the same mouse

Supporting Information Figure S2: gating strategy for figure 2The expression of the surface molecules (PDL-1, PDL-2, CD40, CD80, CD86 andMHC class II) on the modified bone marrow derived DCs was analyzed after dead cells were excluded based on FSC and SSC. The same gating strategy is applied for other surface molecules

Supporting Information Figure S3: gating strategy for Figure 4 and 5CD4+T cells were isolated from D011.10 (OVA specific) mice. To identify IFN-γ production by OVA specific CD4+T cells, lymphocytes were first gated based on FSC and SSC, subsequently CD4 and KJ1-26 positive cells were gated and further analyzed for IFN-γ production.

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