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Figure S1. C57BL/6 mice were immunized with 2 ìg of rat anti-BST-2 antibody (120-G8) or rat isotype control antibody (GL113) intravenously. Group A received antibody alone, Group B received antibody plus 20nmol CpG and Group C received 20nmol CpG 24 hours prior to antibody. Serum was collected 14 days following immunization and anti-rat IgG levels measured by ELISA. Positive control is a rat IgG positive serum from a previously immunised mouse. Each symbol represents an individual mouse and the bar designates the mean. This data is representative of two independent experiments.

Figure S2. Flow cytometry gating for isolation of mouse immune cells subsets. pDC: CD11c intermediate, CD45RA high, Ly6C high cells; CD8+ DC: CD11c high, CD8 high cells; CD8- DC: CD11c high, CD8 low; macrophages: CD11b high, F4/80 high; B cells: B220 high, CD19 high; CD4 T cells: CD3 high, CD4 high; CD8 T cells: CD3 high, CD8 high.

Figure S3. Flow cytometry gating for antigen presentation assays. OT-I: CD8+, TCRVα2+; OT-II: CD4+, TCR Vα 2+. Proliferating cells were determined as cells that had undergone division based on CFSE profiles.

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