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Table S1. Primer sequences.

Figure S1: Complement opsonization of HIV-1 enhanced MHCI presentation by IDCs and MDCs (A-D) IDCs and MDCs (0.15 x106) were incubated over night with mock, free HIV-1BaL (F-HIV), complement opsonized HIV-1BaL (C-HIV), IgG opsonized HIV-1BaL (IgG-HIV), or complement and IgG opsonized HIV-1BaL (C-IgG-HIV) (75ng p24CA equivalent/group). After the incubation the different groups of DCs were washed and cocultured with a HIV-1 gag p17 SL9 (SLYNTVATL) specific CD8+ T-cell clone to assess MHCI presentation (A-B) or HIV-1 p24 LI13 (LNKIVRMYSPTS) specific CD4+ T-cell clone to assess MHCII presentation (C-D) for 12h. The T-cell activation was assessed by IFN-g ELISPOT assay and the amount of spot forming cells (SFC) was measured. Data are shown as mean ±SEM and one representative experiment, with triplicate values, out of 6-28 experiments performed.

Figure S2: Complement opsonization of HIV did not affect DC expression of costimulatory molecules and their ability to prime naïve T cell responses. (A-D) DCs were exposed to mock, F-HIV or C-HIV for 48h and the level of expression of CD40, CD80, CD86, and HLA DR was assessed by staining with PE-conjugated antibodies and analyzing by flow cytometry. Poly I:C (25 ug/mL) was used as a positive control for maturation. Data are shown as mean ±SEM of three experiments performed (E) DC were pulsed with mock, F-HIV or C-HIV overnight, washed twice, and cocultured with naïve bulk T cells at a ratio of 1:10. Priming cultures were restimulated with 10 000 DC/well after 7 days of coculture and T-cell proliferation measured on day 8 by 3H-Thymidine incorporation. Data are shown as mean ±SEM of six experiments performed.

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