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Figure S1. Flt3L mRNA expression in lymphoid tissues and hematopoietic cells. (A) Graph shows Flt3L mRNA expression in steady-state organs as indicated. (B) Bar graph shows Flt3L mRNA expression in sorted cell populations from spleen and LN. Experiment was repeated twice, sorted cells were pooled from 2-3 mice in each experiment. *P < .05; **P < .01; ***P < .001. NS (not significant).

Figure S2. M-CSF and GM-CSF mRNA expression in the draining lymph nodes. Graph shows M-CSF (Csf-1) or GM-CSF (Csf-2) mRNA expression relative to β-actin or 18s mRNA expression, respectively, in the draining LN after OVA or PBS stimulation. The data shown were obtained from 2 independent experiments (n = 3-5 per group).

Figure S3. Gating strategies used in the flow cytometry data in this work. (A) Gating strategy for donor-derived cDC and pDC in the recipient spleen. (B-D) Gating strategy for CFSE-labeled T cells (B), cDC , mDC (C) and pre-cDC (D) in the draining LNs. FSC, Forward scatter; SSC, Side scatter: Lin, Lineage.

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