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Abstract submission for ECI 2012



You can now submit your Abstracts for ECI 2012 online at Please note that the deadline for Abstract submission has been extended until Friday 15 June 2012

Abstract Topics

Innate ImmunityAdaptive ImmunityDiseases of the Immune SystemImmune Interventions
AutophagyAgeingAsthma/AllergyAdvances in Biologics 1 – Antibodies, Related Molecules and Ivlg
Cells on the Move – Chemokines Antigen Receptors: Specificities, Repertoires & FunctionsDC, MHC, T Cells and DiseaseAdvances in Biologics 2 – New Developments 
ComplementB Cells & Plasma CellsFundamental Inflammatory ProcessesBasing Health Policy on Immunological Knowledge – Goals/Achievables
Granulocytes; Basophils, Mast Cells, Eosinophils Cytolytic T CellsHepatitis & Liver ImmunologyBiomarkers & Disease Profiling 1: Learning from Genetics
Immune EvasionEffector Th Cell Subsets and PlasticityHIVBiomarkers & Disease Profiling 2: Immune-Monitoring
Innate Mucosal ImmunologyEvolution and SelectionInflammatory & Atopic Skin DiseaseCell Therapy
Innate-Like Lymphoid Cells Ion ChannelsInflammatory Bowel DiseasesGene Therapy
Micro RNALymphocyte DevelopmentMalaria Humanised Mice
Myeloid Cell DevelopmentLymphocyte Signalling MechanismsMetabolic Diseases and DiabetesImmune Suppression
NK CellsLymphocytes in TissuesNeurological and Neuromuscular DiseasesImmuno-Reset
Responding – Innate Signalling SystemsLymphoid OrganogenesisParasitic DiseasesImmunotherapy for Cancer
Responding – Leukocyte Cell BiologyLymphomasPrimary Immunodeficiency and Rare DiseasesNatural Products and Plant Medications 
Responding – Monocyte, Macrophage & DC FunctionsMemoryRheumatoid Arthritis and LupusNeonates – Knowledge and Interventions 
Sensing – Cross PresentationNKT and γδ T CellsSepsisNutrition and Vitamins – Basic Immunology as a Foundation for Intervention
Sensing – NLRs, IL1 & InflammasomesRegularity T Cell Subsets and PlasticityTuberculosis Targeting Bacterial, Fungal and Parasitic Infections
Sensing – TLRs and Other SensorsTolerance and ApoptosisTumour ImmunologyTargeting Virus-Induced Diseases
Sensing and Communicating – Lectins and Lectin-Like ReceptorsTrafficking and HomeostasisVeterinary ImmunologyTransplantation 
The Immunobiology of Epithelial CellsTranscription and EpigeneticsVirus InfectionsVaccine Development