New Access to and Reactions of P-Functional Acylphosphane Complexes


  • Dedicated to Professor O. I. Kolodiazhnyi


P-Functional (acylphosphane)tungsten complexes 4af have been prepared in good yields by the reaction of phosphinidenoid complexes 2ad with acyl chlorides 3a,b. The reactions of acyl(chloro)phosphane complex 4a at –80 °C with organolithium reagents selectively led to the formation of lithiated phospha-enolate complex 5b. The ambident reactivity of this compound was demonstrated in reactions with electrophiles such as PhC(O)Cl, MeI, and Me3SiCl, which yielded O-substituted complexes 6a,b and 8a,b and P-substituted complex 7.