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Metal Cation Induced Modulation of the Photophysical Properties of a Platinum(II) Complex Featuring a Dipicolylanilino–Acetylide Ligand



We report the synthesis of a new, luminescent, cyclometalated platinum complex 1 incorporating a bis(2-picolyl)anilino (DPA) group. The complex has the form LPt–C≡C–C6H4–N(CH2py)2, where L is a CNN-coordinating ligand based on phenylbipyridine. The ground-state absorption and excited-state luminescence of complex 1 are modulated by the binding of selected divalent metal ions (Zn2+, Cd2+, Ni2+, and Pb2+) to the DPA unit; the extent of the observed changes are dependent upon the identity of the metal ion. In particular, binding of Zn2+ leads to a substantial enhancement in the emission intensity.

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