The N,N-Bis(terphenyl)aminophosphenium Cation – A Sensitive Probe for Interactions with Different Anions



A series of salts that contain the terphenyl-substitutedbis(amino)phosphenium cation with different anions (F,Cl, [CF3CO2], [CF3SO3], [B(C6F5)4], [GaCl4], [SbF6], [Al{OCH(CF3)2}4] and [CHB11H5Br6]) has been prepared by different synthetic protocols. All of the products have been characterised spectroscopically and by single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies. A detailed analysis of the interionic interactions and their influence on the molecular structure of the phosphenium cation reveals a strong dependence on the capability of the anion to enter the pocket generated by the bulky terphenyl substituents.