Back Cover: Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 26/2011


The back cover picture shows the article by M. Shatruk et al. describes a complex intermetallic structure of Sm117Co55.6Sn116 in terms of multishell clusters built of concentric polyhedra. Importantly, each polyhedral shell is composed of either Sm or Co/Sn, thus separating the structure into more electropositive and less electropositive regions, respectively. This work builds on earlier ideas of Jones, Parth�, Corbett, and others, which were developed to decipher complex structures of intermetallic phases, including quasicrystal approximants. One might say that, with such an approach, solid-state chemists peel the structures like onions. The multishell polyhedra also remind us of Russian dolls, Matryoshkas, which preserve their topological appearance from the smallest to the largest doll in the set. The comparison to artsy Matryoshkas also emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of these intricately complicated, yet fascinatingly symmetric intermetallics. Further details can be found on p. 3955ff.