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Synthesis of Mesoporous MoO3 Nanoribbons through a Multi-molybdate Coordination-Polymer-Precursor Route



A multi-molybdate coordination-polymer-precursor route was developed to synthesize mesoporous MoO3 nanoribbons. In this reaction process, the coordination-polymer-precursor (i.e., {Mo36} ions) was firstly synthesized, as proven by FTIR spectroscopy. By controlling the experimental conditions, the {Mo36} ions underwent a directed assembly process and a dehydration process to form 1D mesoporous MoO3 nanoribbons. HRTEM examination and BJH measurements demonstrated that the mesopores had an average diameter of about 3 nm in the nanoribbons. As a result of their mesoporous nature and their 1D nanostructure, the nanoribbons exhibited better selectivity, higher sensor response, and lower working temperature to H2S gas compared with previously reported1D MoO3 nanostructures.