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Electrocatalytic Properties of Carbosilane-Based Hyperbranched Polymers Functionalized with Interacting Ferrocenyl Units


  • Dedicated to the memory of Professor Christian G. Claessens

  • Professor Christian G. Claessens, who prematurely passed away on June 3, 2012, was Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


Two types of hyperbranched ferrocene-containing polycarbosilanes were obtained by hydrosilylation of polydiallylmethylsilane (hb-PDAMS) and polymethyldiundecenylsilane (hb-PMDUS) with diferrocenylmethylsilane. The redox properties of both polymers have been investigated both in solution and confined onto platinum electrodes. The electrocatalytic activity of polymer-modified electrodes toward the reduction of oxygen as well as the electrochemical reduction and oxidation of hydrogen peroxide has been examined.