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Color-Tunable Luminescent Films Based on the Hybrid Assemblies of [EuW10O36]9–, Bis(N-methylacridinium) Nitrate, and Layered Double Hydroxide



Ordered luminescent ultrathin films (UTFs) have been fabricated by means of layer-by-layer assembling of Na9[EuW10O36]·32H2O (abbreviated as EuW10), the photoactive organic molecule of bis(N-methylacridinium) nitrate (denoted BNMA), and exfoliated Mg2Al-LDH (layered double hydroxide). The assembly process has been monitored by UV/Vis absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy to obtain a stepwise and regular growth of the UTFs upon increasing the deposited cycles. The alternative intercalation of EuW10 and BNMA into LDHs results in the formation of well-ordered UTFs with tunable color. Each LDH monolayer with rigid structure provides a confined and protective microenvironment for BNMA and EuW10, and the guest molecules exhibit orientation effect.

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