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Synthesis, Structure, and Tungsten NMR Characterization of {SbW9O33}9–{Mo2O2S2}2+ Sandwich-Like Polyoxothiometalates


  • Dedicated to Michael T. Pope on the occasion of his 80th birthday


The reaction of {SbW9O33}9– with {Mo2O2S2}2+ has been studied. The {SbW9O33}{Mo2O2S2} products are labile in solution and very sensitive to experimental conditions. Two new hybrids, {Mo2O2S2}-containing tungstoantimonate anions, namely [(SbW9O33)2(Mo2O2S2)3]12– and [K(SbW9O33)2(Mo2O2S2)WO(H2O)]11–, have been fully characterized in the solid state and in solution by 183W NMR spectroscopy.