The Use of Polyoxometalates in the Design of Layer-Like Hybrid Salts Containing Cationic Mn4 Single-Molecule Magnets



Herein, we describe the combination of polyoxometalates (POMs) with a polynuclear metallic cluster Mn4 {Mn4 = [Mn4(OAc)2(pdmH)6]2+, (pdmH = deprotonated pyridine-2,6-dimethanol; C7H8NO2)} for the construction of ionic crystals with layered architectures. Choosing a POM with the appropriate charge and size not only allows for the fine tuning of the stacking periodicity, but it also allows modifying the in-plane packing motif and density of the cationic metallic clusters. The isolation of differently layered hybrid crystals with the same Mn4 single-molecule-magnet (SMM) system allowed for the direct comparison of the magnetic properties of such materials. The variation of the slow relaxation properties of the SMM clusters may be attributed to the variability of the low-energy spin states, which are particularly sensitive to the specific counternanion used.