Synthesis, Vaporization and Thermodynamic Properties of Superfine Nd2Hf2O7 and Gd2Hf2O7



Finely dispersed powders of neodymium and gadolinium hafnates (Nd2Hf2O7 and Gd2Hf2O7) with pyrochlore structure were synthesized. Variations in particle size and morphology during thermal treatment under different conditions (1273–1673 K, 2–4 h) were studied for these compounds. The vaporization behavior of Nd2Hf2O7 and Gd2Hf2O7 was examined in the temperature range 2100–2750 K. In addition, the thermodynamic properties of Nd2Hf2O7 and Gd2Hf2O7 in the above-mentioned temperature interval were determined by using high-temperature mass spectrometry.