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The First Example of the Two-Electron Reduction of a Phosphaalkyne – Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of the Diuranium(IV) Pentalene Complex [(U{η5-C5Me5}{η8-C8H4(SiiPr3-1,4)2})2(μ-η21-tBuCP)]



The facile two-electron reduction of the phosphaalkyne tBuC≡P by the UIII cyclopentadienyl–pentalene mixed-sandwich complex [U(η5-C5Me5){η8-C8H4(SiiPr3)2}] is reported. A single-crystal X-ray structural analysis of the diuranium(IV) product [(U{η5-C5Me5}{η8-C8H4(SiiPr3)2})2(μ-tBuCP)] shows that it contains a slightly unsymmetrical, bridging μ-η21-ligated phosphaalkene dianion.