Thionitrosyl- and Selenonitrosyliridium Complexes


  • This Short Communication DOI 10.1002/ejic.201300409 was erroneously assigned the pages 3454–3457; the correct page numbers are 3836–3839. For technical reasons this article has been assigned the new DOI 10.1002/ejic.201377409.


The activation of elemental sulfur and selenium with electrophilic iridium nitride [Ir(N){N(CHCHPtBu2)2}]+ allowed the synthesis of thionitrosyl- and selenonitrosyliridium complexes. The crystallographic and spectroscopic characterization of this rare series of chalcogenonitrosyl complexes [Ir(NE){N(CHCHPtBu2)2}]+ (E = none, O, S, Se) is discussed in the context of bonding models. The experimental results indicate strong Ir–N–E multiple-bond character, in agreement with the previously proposed N–E donor–acceptor interaction as an appropriate description for the heavier chalcogens.