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Strong Solid-State Phosphorescence of 1,2-Telluraplatinacycles Incorporated into Rigid Dibenzobarrelene and Triptycene Skeletons



Four- and five-membered 1,2-telluraplatinacycles incorporated into dibenzobarrelene and triptycene skeletons were synthesized by the reaction of bis(dibenzobarrelenyl) ditelluride and bis(triptycyl) ditelluride, respectively, with [Pt(η2-norbornene)(PPh3)2] in the presence of PPh3. These complexes emit strong, orange phosphorescence in the solid state at room temperature (λem = 622–676 nm). Ligand-exchange reactions of a five-membered telluraplatinacycle with bidentate phosphine ligands gave a series of derivatives that emitted a range of colors (blue to orange, λem = 507–596 nm) with high emission quantum yields (max. ΦF = 0.93) in the solid state at room temperature, for which vapoluminescence was observed.