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The Effect of Pressure on the Cooperative Spin Transition in the 2D Coordination Polymer {Fe(phpy)2[Ni(CN)4]}



The effect of pressure on the spin-transition properties of the 2D coordination polymer {Fe(phpy)2[Ni(CN)4]} is reported. The study has been carried out by means of variable-temperature (10–310 K) magnetic susceptibility measurements at applied pressures of 105 Pa to 1.0 GPa and spectroscopic studies in the visible region at room temperature (105 Pa–3.0 GPa). As the pressure is increased, the characteristic temperature of the spin transition is displaced to higher temperatures and the thermal hysteresis loop disappears. A cooperative first-order spin transition characterized by a piezo-hysteresis loop about 0.3 GPa wide was observed at 293 K.