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EurJIC brings you a fine collection of studies into the dynamic, stimulating and highly topical field of Water Oxidation. Guest Editors Dennis Hetterscheid and Licheng Sun enthusiastically provided their broad expertise on this topic to compile an issue containing many different points of view on this very important subject.

Water oxidation is a challenging field of research in an extremely important area for environmental chemistry. Both are excellent reasons to cluster the research on this topic into one issue, so I was particularly pleased that Dennis Hetterscheid took the initiative to propose this subject for EurJIC. When Licheng Sun agreed to come on board, this highly topical cluster issue had the perfect Guest Editor team with insight into homogeneous, heterogeneous and electrochemical systems as well as immobilized complexes, functionalized surfaces and theoretical aspects. I wish to thank both of them for their enthusiasm and valuable expertise that allows EurJIC to bring you this fine collection of studies into this dynamic and stimulating research.

The search for sustainable energy resources with no concomitant environmental pollution is closely tied to this topic. Hydrogen is a fuel that can provide this clean energy, and great advances in the practical storage of this explosive gas under ambient conditions have been made. Water splitting by sunlight is an appealing method to harness solar energy to produce hydrogen, but water oxidation has provided a stumbling block for this proposition. Many research teams have devoted themselves to a solution, attacking the problem from many angles. The research is therefore published in many varied publications, from general chemistry and general materials journals to specialized journals that highlight the catalytic, sustainable chemistry or energy aspects. Nevertheless, much of the chemistry falls firmly into the inorganic chemistry remit and many inorganic chemists work on the interdisciplinary teams that tackle the problem. In this issue, EurJIC wishes to bring together the threads of the research from many points of view in the hope that the juxtaposition can provide a new perspective on the subject. The covers of the issue were selected with the aim of highlighting a homogeneous and a heterogeneous approach. As front cover, Marcella Bonchio's research into homogeneous iridium systems that promote water oxidation also emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the research in the “Cover Profile” – the story behind the research depicted on the front cover. In addition this story gives a hint of the excitement and satisfaction that this avenue of research brings. Leone Spiccia's zinc oxide nanorod system is representative of the research into solid oxide catalysts for photocatalytic water splitting. We thank the teams of these authors for their designs for this cluster issue.

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Again EurJIC brings you an essay to introduce the cluster issue. As the topic is complex, such an essay is particularly useful and I thank Anthony Harriman for this overview and his opinion on the prospects for the future. We hope that this treatise, together with the papers in the issue, will be an inspiration and encouragement to all in the field.

Received: December 18, 2013