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Oxidorhenium(V) Complexes with Benzoylselenoureas



Oxidorhenium(V) complexes with N,N-dialkyl-N′-benzoylselenoureas (HL) were prepared from reactions with (NBu4)[ReOCl4]. The formation of compounds such as [ReO(L-κO,Se)2(OMe)] or [{ReO(L-κO,Se)2}2O] suggests parallels with the established chemistry of corresponding benzoylthioureas, while the isolation of unusual species such as [ReO(L-κO,Se)2(L-κSe)], [{ReO(L-κO,Se)2}2Se3] and the formation of the respective diselenide suggest a more complicated reaction pathway with the unstable selenium compounds, and one in which degradation products of the ligands also plays a role.