Ferromagnetic Coupling in an Fe[C(SiMe3)3]2/Ferrihydrite Hetero-Mixture Molecular Magnet



Magnetization and low temperature in-field 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy measurements have been performed on a Fe[C(SiMe3)3]2/ferrihydrite hetero-mixture. The results indicate the presence of ferromagnetic coupling of magnetic moments involving Fe[C(SiMe3)3]2 with a hyperfine magnetic field of about 151 T, attributable mainly to the non-frozen atomic orbital contribution. The present findings show the sensitivity of single-ion molecular magnets to local alterations of their lattice-environment and might explain and reconcile some of the differences found in the literature for the observed bulk magnetic properties of the title Fe[C(SiMe3)3]2 compound.