• Water chemistry;
  • Oxidation;
  • Iridium;
  • Photosynthesis;
  • Photocatalysis;
  • EPR spectroscopy
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The cover picture shows the novel dicarbene iridium(III) complex and oxygen evolution as a result of its catalytic action under visible light irradiation. This is one key goal of the HELIOS strategic project, targeting new molecules and nanomaterials for solar energy schemes, as represented by the fullerene sunflower logo. Dr. Rami Al-Oweini (ITM-CNR Postdoctoral Fellow) is acknowledged for his creative design and for putting together the cover illustration. Details are discussed in the article by C. Tubaro, M. Bonchio et al. on p. 665 ff. For more on the story behind the cover research, see the Cover Profile.