8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress Oils, Fats, and Lipids: Health & Nutrition, Chemistry & Energy 21–24 November 2010, Munich, Germany

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Marc Kellens

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Uwe T. Bornscheuer

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Klaus Schurz

Dear Reader,

After 10 years of going around Europe, the Euro Fed Lipid Congress returns to the country where it all began. Back in 2000, about 300 delegates gathered in Würzburg for what was originally planned as the 53rd DGF congress, then co-organized by the DGF and AFECG as a “Joint International Congress” and later declared as the first Euro Fed Lipid Congress. During the congress, four societies from France, UK, the Netherlands, and Germany decided to found a new European Federation—at the time more a vision than a reality.

Euro Fed Lipid has since then come a long way. The federation has grown to 11 member societies with the 12th about to join.

The congresses are recognized as an annual “don't miss this!” event of the lipids, fats, and oils world with up to 850 delegates, including 200 students. We are equally pleased that our journal, the “European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology,” is now—with a 2008 5-year impact factor of 1.582—a well-received publication on a global scale.

Located in the north of the Bavarian Alps, on the river Isar, Munich is Germany's third largest city. The local monasteries started the beer brewing traditions for which Munich is still renowned for. Participants of the Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2010 as well as their accompanying guests who find some time for sight seeing will certainly appreciate what Munich has to offer.

Pulsing with prosperity and “Gemütlichkeit” (cosiness), Munich revels in its own contradictions. Folklore and age-old traditions exist side by side with sleek BMWs, designer boutiques, and high-powered industry.

Despite all its sophistication, Munich retains a touch of originality that visitors find charming. The people's attitude is one of “live and let live”—and Münchners will be the first to admit that their city is little more than a Weltdorf (world village).

We now look very much forward to meeting you in Munich and kindly invite you to take part in what is expected to become a special highlight, the 8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress. The committee has assembled an exciting program, covering all aspects of lipids, fats, and oils. Do not hesitate to register or to submit a poster online at www.eurofedlipid.org/meetings/munich.

If fats, oils, and lipids are your profession, Munich is the place to be this autumn.

Scientific Program - see next page.

Main Lectures:

Plenary Lectures:

European Lipid Science Award: Bart Staels, University of Lille, France: “Nuclear Receptors Connecting Lipid Metabolism to the Nucleus.”

European Lipid Technology Award: Fereidoon Shahidi, University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Canada: “Novel Antioxidants in Food Quality Preservation and Health Promotion.”

AFECG Chevreul Medal Lecture: Michel Lagarde, University of Lyon, France: “Fatty Acid Oxygenated Metabolism and Function in Human Cells.”

DGF Normann Medal: Michael Bockisch, Jesteburg, Germany: “Fish Oil—from the Bad and the Ugly to the Precious and Good.”

Keynote Lectures:

Analytics/Authenticity/Lipidomics: Christoph Thiele, University of Bonn, Germany: “Novel Fluorescent Derivatives for Imaging of Lipid Droplets.”

Oleochemistry/Biodiesel: Mario Pagliaro, CNR, Palermo, Italy: “New Commercial Products from Bioglycerol: Routes of Chemical Ingenuity.”

Bioscience, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry: Richard A. Gross, Brooklyn/NY, USA: “Engineered Lipids Produced by Microbes and their Use in Biobased Materials.”

Processing: Frank Pudel, PPM Pilot Pflanzenöltechnologie Magdeburg, Germany: “From Rapeseed Processing to Rapeseed Biorefineries—Challenges and Obstacles.”

Physical Properties: To be announced.

Oxidation/Food Technology/Deep Frying/Marine Lipids: Francisco J. Hidalgo, Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla, Spain: “Maillard reaction meets lipid oxidation.”

Oilseeds, Plant Breeding, Plant Lipids: Rod Snowdon, University of Gießen, Germany: “High-Throughput Genomic and Transcriptomic Tools for Molecular Plant Breeding.”

Olive Oil: Diego L. Garcia-Gonzalez, Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC), Sevilla, Spain: “Explaining Virgin Olive Quality from the Frontiers of Research.”

Rapeseed Oil: Krzystof Krygier, Agricultural University of Warsaw, Poland: “What makes Rapeseed Oil so Interesting for us?”

Palm Oil: Ronald Mensink, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands: “Effects of Triglyceride Structure on Risk Marker of the Metabolic Syndrome.”

Milk, Dairy Products, Animal Science: Katrin Kuhnt, University of Jena, Germany: “Selected Fatty Acids of Milk in Human Nutrition.”

Health and Disease:

Gerd Schmitz, University Hospital of Regensburg, Germany: “Abnormalities of Macrophage and Neutrophil Lipid Species Processing Abnormalities Relate to Organelle Specific Stress Response in Vascular and Metabolic Disease.”

Susan E. Carlson, University of Kansas, Medical Center, Kansas City/MO, USA: “Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Infant and Child Development.”

William S. Harris, University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine, Sioux Falls/SD, USA: “Update on the Cardioprotective Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.”

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Marc Kellens

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Uwe T. Bornscheuer

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Klaus Schurz