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LC–MSMS analysis of acetamiprid residue in crude palm oil



A method for acetamiprid residue detection and quantification in crude palm oil (CPO) using LC–MSMS after the clean-up with graphite packed SPE was developed. This method was validated in house and passed all important validation tests such as linearity, intermediate precision, and repeatability test. The limit of detection and quantification of the method were estimated from an acetamiprid standard calibration curve and the values were 4 and 10 ng/g, respectively. To examine the efficiency of the developed method, recovery experiment was carried out at the method limit of quantification using CPO, crude sunflower oil, crude rapeseed oil, and refined soybean oil. Results showed that this method was suitable for the analysis of acetamiprid residue in these oils with the recoveries ranged from 79 to 116%.

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