• Conjugated linoleic acids;
  • Hydrolases;
  • Lipases;
  • Omega-3 PUFA;
  • Structured lipids


This three day event was organized by Uwe Bornscheuer and Pierre Villeneuve (division of biotechnology and enzyme technology of Euro Fed Lipid) in cooperation with SFEL (Société française pour l'étude des lipides) and the DGF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft e.V.). The meeting was held at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Greifswald University, Greifswald – a small town at the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northeastern Germany. About 60 scientists discussed recent developments in basic research and industrial process development involving enzymatic lipid modification. EJLST will publish a special issue based on the Greifswald meeting in late spring/early summer 2013; this meeting report will give you a flavor of what will be covered.