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Figure S1. Average intensities of (a) [PE (18:0/18:1)+H]+ and (b) [PC (18:0/18:1)+H]+ calculated from six replicate spots, containing a pure GP, measured by MALDI MS using the CHCA, the 2,5-DHB and the 1,5-DAN. Each lipid species has been deposited at the same concentration using the same conditions.

Figure S2. Molecular images of [PC (18:0/18:1)+H]+, [PC (18:0/18:1)+Na]+, [PC (18:0/18:1)+K]+ ionic species measured by MALDI MSI from triplicate homogenate biological sections using the 2,5-DHB and the 1,5-DAN.

Figure S3. Raman spectra of (a) the PC (18:0/18:1), (b) the PC (16:0/14:0), (c) the PE (18:0/18:1), and (d) the PE (16:0/18:1). An intensity scale expansion has been performed on the spectral region below 1000 cm−1.

Figure S4. Overlay of Raman spectra of (a) homogenate biological section; (b) homogenate biological section where the lipids have been extracted; (c) PC (18:0/18:1).

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