• Acid value;
  • Anisidine value;
  • FT-NIR spectroscopy;
  • Polar compounds;
  • Polymerized TAGs

TheJoint Committee for the Analysis of Fats, Oils, Fatty products, Related Products and Raw Materials (GA FETT)” has developed the following method for the fast determination of polar compounds, polymerized TAGs, acid value and anisidine value in used frying fats and oils. It will be included to Section C, Chapter VI of the German Standard Methods1 and will be part of the 19th amemdment to the second edition of the German standard method in autumn 2013. This very important method reflexes the need of the control laboratories to get fast and reliable results for the analyses of used frying fats and oils, it is with safe money and time. The method has been evaluated in an interlaboratory test with 11 laboratories.