International Symposium on Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Research, Heidelberg, Germany, September 16–17, 2013



This 2-day event was organized for the third time by the Phospholipid Research Center Heidelberg. The symposium was held at the University of Heidelberg (facilities provided by Prof. Gert Fricker) and visited by 170 scientists from academia, pharmaceutical industry, authorities, etc. from all over the world. Sixty posters and 16 lectures were presented. This year event started with lectures on the physico-chemical properties of phospholipids, followed by a systematic review of the administration route specific use of phospholipid. The second day of the event was devoted to the latest advances in application of phospholipids, followed by a session on the future use of phospholipids comprising oral presentations of selected posters, and a lecture on the appreciation of liposomes as nanotechnology. The symposium was concluded with an award ceremony of the three best posters.