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Improving the Properties of Organic Dyes by Molecular Encapsulation



There is a demand for new methods of protecting organic dyes from aggregation effects and photochemical degradation. The purpose of this microreview is to summarize the recent attempts to improve the properties of dyes by molecular encapsulation. Organic dyes have been encapsulated inside inorganic matrices such as molecular sieves, and molecular containers such as cyclodextrins, cucurbiturils, dendrimers, and self-assembled gels. Another strategy is permanent protection of the dye as the thread component in a rotaxane. Molecular encapsulation is an attractive supramolecular strategy because it is inherently flexible and does not necessarily require time-consuming synthetic processes. Indeed, molecular encapsulation is an effective way to recycle familiar dyes that are already well-characterized. (© Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2005)