Stereoselective Synthesis of (E)-α,β-Dehydroamino Acid Esters



Dehydroamino acid (Dhaa) is recognized as a useful tool or substrate for amino acid and peptide research. Although the stereoselective synthesis of the thermodynamically more stable Z-Dhaa has been well examined and established, the stereoselective synthesis of E-Dhaa has still remained to be a challenging synthetic task. In this paper, a stereoselective synthesis of E-Dhaa esters using a new (α-diphenylphosphono)glycine is described. The characteristic aspects of the new method are summarized as follows: (i) metal additives play an important role in the promotion of E-stereoselectivities. (ii) the use of NaI was effected for the synthesis of E-Dhaas bearing an aryl substituent and an amino functionality, (iii) MgBr2·OEt2 and ZnCl2 contributed to improve the E-stereoselective synthesis of E-Dhaas bearing an alkyl substituent and an oxygen functionality, (iv) various protecting and functional groups were compatible under the reaction conditions, and (v) N-Cbz, Boc, and acyl-α-(diphenylphosphono)glycines were served for the stereoselective olefination reaction to provide the corresponding E-Dhaas.