Conformational Behavior of 1:1 [α/α-Hydrazino]mer, 1:1 [α/Aza-β3-amino]mer and 1:1 [Aza-β3-amino/α]mer Series: Three Series of Foldamers



Analysis of 1H NMR spectroscopic data allowed us to assign the secondary structure of three new series of mixed foldamers. 1:1 [α/aza-β3-amino]mers, 1:1 [aza-β3-amino/α]mers and 1:1 [α/α-hydrazino]mers are self-organized in solution by a hydrogen bond network of alternating a γ-turn and a hydrazinoturn. Nevertheless, owing to the donor and acceptor H-bond characters of the amidic NH, 1:1 [α/α-hydrazino]mers can exist as an equilibrium between pseudospiranic and hydrazinoturn conformations.