Asymmetric Tribranched Dyes: An Intramolecular Cosensitization Approach for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells



A new multidonor and multianchoring asymmetric tribranched organic photosensitizer (i.e., TB-PT) for dye-sensitized solar cells containing three different (D–π–D, D–π1–A, and D–π2–A; D = electron-rich moiety, A = electron-poor moiety, π = conjugated bridge) polar branches, two donor cores, and two acceptor/anchoring groups to TiO2 was investigated and compared with the corresponding symmetric dyes. TB-PT combines the advantages arising from its π-extended tribranched architecture and the intramolecular cosensitization approach, which results in enhanced tailored optical and energetic properties and, eventually, photovoltaic performances.