Synthesis of Magnetic Molecular Complexes with Fullerene Anchor Groups



A series of tailor-made paramagnetic bis-fullerene derivatives capable of bridging two adjacent graphene (G) sheets for performing magnetic single-molecule junctions (SMJs) have been developed. Specifically, magnetic molecular wires consisting of two highly π-conjugated (phenylethynyl, bis-phenylethynyl or naphthylethynyl) linker moieties coordinated to FeII and CoII spin-crossover (SC) complexes in an octahedral environment and endowed with fullerene (C60) end-groups have been synthesized. The use of C60 units as anchoring groups improves the contact between the G electrodes in comparison with conventional Au-selective groups. This novel synthetic pathway provides access to a completely new family of SC compounds suitable for the development of SMJs using graphene nanoelectrodes.