How fatiguing is dispositional suppression? Disentangling the effects of procedural rebound and ego-depletion



Recent work has shown that correcting a dispositional inference may lead social observers to over-emphasize the role of dispositional factors in subsequent judgments. This effect has been explained as a procedural rebound following a phase of dispositional suppression. We conducted two experiments to test an alternative explanation in terms of ego-depletion. In Experiment 1, we compared the effects of ego-depletion and dispositional rebound by relying on the attitude attribution paradigm and the cookie paradigm. In Experiment 2, we turned to a difficult math task in order to induce fatigue. We were able to replicate the dispositional rebound and the ego-depletion effects but none of the experiments supported an ego-depletion explanation of post-suppression dispositional rebound. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.