The present studies sought connections between two highly influential, but separate motivational systems: the regulatory foci and personal values. Study 1 (N = 173) showed that promotion focus was positively associated with Achievement and negatively with Tradition values, whereas prevention focus was positively associated with Conformity and Security values, and negatively with Self-Direction and Stimulation values. Furthermore, interdependent self-construal moderated trait prevention focus' associations with Power, Benevolence, Universalism, and Conformity values. Study 2 (N = 150) showed that a promotion-framed message evoked more compliant behavior among those scoring high on Stimulation, Achievement, and Self-Direction values, but that a prevention-framed message evoked more compliance among those high in Conformity values. The results suggested that the regulatory foci are associated with certain values, and that these values may increase motivation in promotion- versus prevention-relevant situations. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.