Le mariage de mon meilleur ami: emotional response categorization and naturally induced emotions



A quasi-experimental field study was conducted in order to test the generalizability of emotional response categorization (Niedenthal, Halberstadt, & Innes-Ker, 1999) to naturally induced emotions and to new stimuli in a different language (i.e. French). Individuals were recruited at two weddings to perform a triad task, which assesses the use of semantic and emotional relations in categorization. A manipulation check demonstrated that invitees were feeling intense happiness. Control participants, who reported feeling rather neutral, were recruited from among individuals walking down the street on an average day. Results replicated Niedenthal et al.'s (1999) original finding such that participants who were feeling strong emotion (happiness) used emotional equivalence to a significantly greater degree than did participants in a neutral state. Copyright © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.