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When a new group identity does harm on the spot: Stereotype threat in newly created groups


  • Sarah E. Martiny and Jenny Roth contributed equally to this work.

Sarah E. Martiny, University of Konstanz, Universitaetsstrasse 1078464, Konstanz, Germany.



The detrimental consequences of negative stereotypes on performance have been demonstrated in a variety of social groups with various stereotypes. The present studies investigate the minimal conditions for stereotype threat using newly created groups. Results of three experiments (total N = 184) demonstrate that in the negative stereotype condition, the more participants identified with their novel group, the stronger was their decrease in performance. In the control condition, identification was either not related to performance, or it had by trend a positive effect. The theoretical and practical implications of the findings are discussed with regard to stereotype threat and social identity theory. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.