Nylon Nanofibrous Biosensors for Glucose Determination



Nanofibrous membranes have been produced by electrospinning to develop first generation glucose biosensors. The direct immobilization of glucose oxidase onto the polyamide nanofibrous surfaces by drop coating revealed a simple and efficient method for the development of sensitive, stable, and reproducible electrochemical biosensors. The biosensor showed a linear response over the range 1–9×10−3 glucose (R2=0.9997) with a sensitivity of 1.11 μA/mM and a limit of detection of 2.5×10−6 M (S/N=3). The uncertainty of repeatability was 2% (RSD%, n=30). After one month of storage, the signal decreased of 35%. The recovery of glucose, evaluated in real samples of honey, was 98% (RSD%=1%, n=3).