• Anodic electrodeposition;
  • Micelle;
  • Molecularly imprinted polymers;
  • Macromolecule self-assembly;
  • Paracetamol


A voltammetric paracetamol sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymeric (MIP) micelles was prepared by direct electrodeposition. The MIP micelles were prepared via macromolecule self-assembly of an amphiphilic photocrosslinkable copolymer using paracetamol as the template molecule. The resultant molecularly imprinted polymeric micelles swelled with increasing pH, and the disassociation of the micelles occurred at pH above approximately 7.4. A robust MIP film with good solvent resistance was formed on the electrode surface by anodic electrodeposition of the MIP micelles and subsequent photocrosslinking, resulting in the fabrication of a MIP electrochemical sensor for detecting paracetamol. The resultant sensor showed good response and selectivity towards paracetamol. In addition, a wide linear range from 0.01 mmol/L to 8 mmol/L and a low detection limit of 1×10−6 mol/L for paracetamol detection was demonstrated based on this sensor. The MIP sensor also showed good stability and reversibility which was applied to determine paracetamol commercial tablets.