Improved staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels including isoelectric focusing gels with clear background at nanogram sensitivity using Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 and R-250



An improved procedure for staining of proteins following separation in polyacrylamide gels is described which utilizes the colloidal properties of Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 and R-250. The new method is based on addition of 20 % v/v methanol and higher concentrations of ammonium sulfate to the staining solution previously described [1]. The method combines the advantage of much shorter staining time with high sensitivity, a clear background not requiring destaining, stepwise staining, and stable fixation after staining. The method has been applied to staining of polyacrylamide gels after sodium dodecyl sulfate-electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing in carrier ampholyte-generated pH gradients.