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In situ demonstration and quantitative analysis of the intrinsic properties of glycoside hydrolases



Based on digital image analysis techniques and a series of optimizations in native electrophoresis, a new direct method to simultaneously detect the intrinsic properties of each active component in the enzymatic system of glycoside hydrolase was established. The key technique is that the concentration changes of substrate (or product) on the gel can be determined quantitatively by the gray value changes of the corresponding band after electrophoretic separation. In this manner, the catalytic characteristics of each glycoside hydrolase component were demonstrated in situ and were easily determined after immersing the gel in a series of solutions containing substrates or their derivatives. Because of its high throughput, great sensitivity, and convenient operation, this method can be used to demonstrate the natural diversity of glycoside hydrolases and to study spatial and temporal regulation in multienzyme expression systems. Thus, it is an effective approach to study the functional proteomics of glycoside hydrolases.