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elps4435-sup-0001-FigureS1.ppt402KSupporting Information Figure 1. Reproducibility of size selection using Caliper Labchip XT, Pippin Prep and gel size selection. Agilent Bioanalyser electropherograms of 12 libraries independently size selected using; (A) LabChip XT was set to 700±12%; (B) Pippin Prep using 1.5% cassette collecting 500–700bp and (C) agarose gel with excision between 550 and 750bp.
elps4435-sup-0002-FigureS2.ppt321KSupporting Information Figure 2. Sequence representation versus GC content for 15x depth randomly normalized sequence coverage from Illumina libraries size selected using gel, AMPure XP, Caliper Labchip XT or Pippin Prep on: (A) Bordetella pertussis; (B) S. Pullorum, (C) S. aureus and (D) P. falciparum genomes.
elps4435-sup-0003-S1.doc28KSupporting Information S1

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