• CFD;
  • Engineering characteristics;
  • Single-use bioreactor


Stirred single-use bioreactors can be used as substitutes for their conventional counterparts made of glass or stainless steel in the development and production of biopharmaceuticals wherever possible. Various studies have confirmed their comparability in cell growth as well as in product quantity and quality. However, information about their engineering characteristics is still rare. This study focuses on the stirred Mobius® CellReady 3L bioreactor. The main engineering parameters for typical operation conditions used in animal cell cultivations are presented for the first time. Numerical simulations with a commercial CFD package (Fluent 6.3) were accomplished to obtain data on the single- and multi-phase fluid flow, power input, mixing time and oxygen mass transfer. The results, which were compared with data from experiments and from the literature, reveal the suitability of the Mobius® CellReady 3L bioreactor for cell expansion and protein production with animal cell cultures. Furthermore, the data enable comparisons with other single-use and reusable cell culture bioreactors at bench-scale.