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Figure S1. Evidence for an alternative Mybpc3 variant mRNA in wild-type mouse cardiac myocytes.

Figure S2. Evaluation of Var-4 Mybpc3 mRNA during mouse development.

Figure S3. Effect of 2OMePS-modified AONs on Mybpc3 mRNAs and cMyBP-C proteins in WT and KI cardiac.

Figure S4. Evaluation of the Mybpc3 mRNA species in wildtype cardiac myocytes.

Figure S5. Tissue distribution of GFP after systemic administration of AAV9 in a Mybpc3-targeted knock-in mouse.

Figure S6. Immunofluorescence analysis of cardiac sections after systemic administration of AAV9 in Mybpc3-targeted knock-in mice.

Figure S7. Variant-4 rescues the phenotype of Mybpc3-targeted KI mice in the heart in vivo.

Figure S8. Evaluation of AAV9 particles in ventricular tissue of KI injected mice.

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